Thursday, September 16, 2010

Multi-Photo layouts

I rarely do layouts with single photos.  I take too many pictures for that!  The real estate in my albums is much too valuable to devote a lot of space to single photo pages.  (I save the single photo pages for the really precious photos.)  I like the challenge of coming up with a way to fit as many photos as possible onto a two-page layout.  Here is one solution.  I shrunk a lot of the action shots, from our camping trip, and kept the tranquil shots as the focal photos.  The border strip forms the target for my archers.  The title is the "Campers at Play" sign.  This was a great trip and now a wonderful memory!


  1. Hey Audrey, you are the winner on the Webster's Pages blog this week. I need you to email me at dmarie@websterspages(dot)com with your shipping information so I can get it mailed off to you! Thanks so much!

  2. This is an amazing layout!!!! I totally agree with you on the one photo layout thing! I am amazed at how the trend seems to be moving away from multiple photo layouts to single photo layouts. Maybe more art, less archiving? I don't know. BTW, I found your comment on the Cosmo Cricket blog regarding sewing on paper and it caught my attention. I am afraid to use my sewing machine on paper for fear it will mess it up for fabric. Any more great tips besides the article and the tip you left? Thanks!

  3. Just wanted to update you- I pinned this layout to my SU Ideas board on Pinterest - you may get a little more traffic here from that!