Thursday, September 16, 2010

Multi-Photo layouts

I rarely do layouts with single photos.  I take too many pictures for that!  The real estate in my albums is much too valuable to devote a lot of space to single photo pages.  (I save the single photo pages for the really precious photos.)  I like the challenge of coming up with a way to fit as many photos as possible onto a two-page layout.  Here is one solution.  I shrunk a lot of the action shots, from our camping trip, and kept the tranquil shots as the focal photos.  The border strip forms the target for my archers.  The title is the "Campers at Play" sign.  This was a great trip and now a wonderful memory!

Lucky Mom

I had so much fun with this!  I sandwiched vellum between two grids that I cut from cardstock, forming a shoji screen.  The teacup is heat embossed and I made a fortune cookie from felt.  The Chinese characters are also heat embossed and form the title, "Lucky Mom."  The journaling is in the form of a haiku.

Looking back

I was going through some layouts yesterday and ran across this one. This is a layout I did about my son's lack of hair when he was a toddler and how beautiful his hair is now!  The journaling is printed under a clear window which is attached to the "before" photo.  The window slides to the left, revealing the "after" photo underneath the toddler picture.  The pull tab is shaped like scissors cutting the "hair."

Fall Layouts

I love the fall.  I also love doing fall-themed layouts. I did the first layout last year to get me through the milestone of turning 50!  I printed the title on patterned paper, then cut around some of the details in the paper.  The second layout isn't fall themed, but is about our anniversary, which is in the fall.  It describes our relationship based on the Chinese Zodiac as well as our future based on a fortune cookie.  I used images from a restaurant placemat for our zodiac animals.  This is one of those layouts that I've been wanting to include in an album for awhile, but just didn't have the right pictures.  The opportunity finally came when we visited a favorite restaurant for our anniversary dinner last year.