Friday, October 16, 2009


Okay, what happened to the beautiful fall weather we were having? I don't like this 40 degrees and raining. Too much like winter already. I want the cool, crisp sweater weather that goes with walking in the fallen leaves and admiring the gorgeous colors of the leaves that remain. Autumn is, and always has been, my favorite season. As a child, fall meant new shoes for school, new supplies, and a new start. I still feel that way when I see my kids go off to school. A new start for them means a new start for me as well, as I start getting ready for all of the upcoming holidays. I hope that this nasty weather is only temporary and I can get back out there and enjoy the beauty of the season. Tonight I get to see many of my old friends from "City Lites", a revue I worked on from 1985-1988. It will be so nice to see everyone and catch up on what everyone has been doing. It's amazing how quickly time flies by!

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